Your Animal Rehab Center is excellent and is equal to if not better than human rehab centers.  The reports are well written and thorough.  Kona looks forward to his time there.  I will highly recommend your rehab center.  Asheville is very fortunate to have such a wonderful place to take our dogs to recover after surgeries.  Emily and Liv are fantastic and truly enjoy their work!!  They enjoy Kona and helping him gain his strength.  We look forward to going there.

-L. Olsson

Emily and the staff were all wonderful with our pet.  They were also friendly and informative about his care.  The facility is nice and has all the necessary rehab equipment like a water treadmill, gait analysis, laser therapy, balance equipment, and more.  Our pet showed a lot of improvement in just five treatments, but we wanted more.  He’s a “super athlete” and lives to fetch a ball.  We continued his therapy for another five treatments until he regained the muscle he had lost because of the knee injury.  The hour drive to Asheville was well worth it to restore his health.  I highly recommend Animal Rehab Center.

-Gretchen A. Kelly, DVM and Co-Owner of Foothills Animal Clinic in Forest City, NC

First of all, they offered hope for a dog that we were thinking we might lose.  Secondly, the staff is amazing.  My pup was met at the front door by Liv, greeting by name and on his level.  Felt like Emily and everyone there loved him like we do.  He’s choosy about who he is fond of, and it was obvious by the end of the first day that he likes this team of folks!

-S. McCoy

Just everyone my dog and I have interacted with are so kind and passionate about their work, and I enjoy the detailed notes and follow ups about my dog.  The therapies are affordable and seemingly effective, and I really appreciate that I can drop my dog off for the day while I’m at work for no extra cost!  Thank you!!!   

-Z. Mohrmann

Emily and Liv have been a godsend for my Golden Retriever pup, Stanley.  He was diagnosed with hip dysplasia at only 11 months old, and they have been so patient with him and have done wonders handling his puppy energy.  In two weeks, Stanley’s limping was almost completely gone and he started to get more strength in his legs.  Now, only 3 months later, you would have no idea that he is hurting!  Stan Man looks forward to his sessions every week and I know that he is in the best of hands at Animal Rehab Center.  Thank you all so much for everything that you do!!   

-C. Van Matre

I feel that rehab has improved Rosie’s life on every level: physical comfort, socialization, and mental stimulation. She is a different and happier dog since beginning rehab and we are better dog caretakers now that we understand how to give her the best kind of exercise and massage at home.

– Mrs. Moser, Rosie’s Owner

Sydney suffers from an old ACL injury as well as arthritis. This really limited her ability to exercise and she began to gain weight. The extra weight aggravated her leg more which, in turn, made exercise more difficult, causing her to gain more weight. It was a vicious cycle and felt impossible to correct. Getting her in a rehab program has been a game changer. Not only is she losing weight and building her leg muscles, her mood has been elevated. She is happy and confident and playful in a way I haven’t seen since before her initial injury. She loves the water as well as the abundance of attention the entire rehab staff gives her and views her appointments as play dates as opposed to going to the vet. Thank you so much!”

– Ms. Hardesty, Sydney’s Owner

I have nothing but great things to say about the staff and facility, and could not be happier with Lunas physical therapy experience; particularly the attention and love that their staff exhibited while working with Luna. As for the Luna, she thoroughly enjoyed her PR experience, and always loved coming in for her treatments and also showed vast improvements while making use of the therapy methods.

Mr. Turner, Luna’s Owner

Itz-tzi made impressive progress during her therapy sessions. The staff was able to reduce her anticipated recovery time by gently, but firmly, pushing her to limits that I would not have been able to do myself. Every day her tail wagged expectantly as we arrived for another session with her friends. Today she has no indication of ever having undergone this serious hip joint procedure.   

– Mr. Jones, Itz-tzi’s Owner

“Catch” came through Vizsla rescue because his first 2 homes could not handle his energy level. If he doesn’t get vigorous exercise every day he becomes very difficult to manage — extremely vocal and destructive.On days where the weather is bad and he is not going to get his time at the dog park or go for a run, I now am able to get him into the underwater treadmill to burn off his excess energy. Increasing resistance is provided with jets pushing the water towards him, essentially causing him to walk/jog upstream. This is an effective way to exercise a dog that is already physically fit, and could help increase endurance for working dogs/trial dogs. The underwater treadmill has given me some peaceful afternoons and evenings with a happy, calm Vizsla.

– Dr. Mark Ledyard, Catch’s Owner

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